Craft as medicine


Floor tries to visualise and put social developments on the agenda in a light-hearted way. With a cheerful pronounced colour and form language, he simultaneously expresses his appreciation and respect for craftsmanship; Craftsmanship as medicine against the advancing individualisation, impoverishment, emptiness and increasingly volatile society.


Current Exhibitions

Campagnebeeld Haute Bordure (zonder typo

Fries Museum.

In the exhibition Haute Bordure you can marvel at four centuries of handmade embroidery in Dutch fashion.

20201022-Coda Experience lab_4010_AS.jpg

CODA Experience LAB.

In CODA ExperienceLab, visitors can learn a lifetime with experiences from the past (craft), a look at the future (innovation), inspired by a combination of both in relation to culture (art).



At a time when individuality and speed are becoming increasingly important, Floor Nijdeken presents #SUPEREGO. An excessive installation of self-portraits in various techniques. Time, effort and skills are needed to reach certain goals. 


Tufted Rug.

100 cm x 100 cm

Hand blown glass

Glass marble face.

15 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm

superego_glass sculpture2018.jpg
Hand blown glass

Glass face.

17 cm x 15 cm x 12 cm

Past Exhibitions

CC Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam by Adriaan

Dream Out Loud.

The 26 designers featured in the show dream aloud about a better world, and try to figure out ways to solve today’s complex societal issues. The 26 designers reveal playful and inventive solutions to some of the problems we’re facing today.