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The ingenious music video for De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, was made by no fewer than 56 directors. Each was given six seconds for his or her contribution.


One video, 56 directors. This is the concept behind this music video, for which each director got five seconds. All the ultrashort clips together constitute a staggering video, brimming with imagination and ingenuity, bringing together many different styles: stylised and hilarious animations, snappy collages and a fair dose of surrealism. For this video, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig teamed up with design studio STAAT. All short clips can also be viewed separately on YouTube.

Visual artist Marlon Bos took the concept to the next level by engaging with 65 upcoming and established artists, each of which crafted a single frame of the 5 second slit. 

This A3 embroidery work took 2 full weeks of deep night embroidery, sore fingers and numbness to finish and be in time for the deadline.

Makkelijk voor ons (easy for us)
de jeugd van tegenwoordig

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